Vimar is the independent Below The Line marketing agency in Viet Nam.

We believe that our passion for solutions-orientated mindsets and impeccable client service allow us to connect our clients’ brands with over 14 brands in the past 3 years. With the extremely fast development, we can reach any targeted consumer segment, understand them and effectively engage with them to deliver clients’ brands messages.

We approach each service as project managers to ensure the objectives of the Below The Line marketing solutions are achieved within client’s budget and time.


“To be ranked as one of the top local market leaders in Below The Line Marketing Agency in Vietnam.”


“Build up an innovative and independent team to optimize work performance in every segment.
Prove to benefit clients in action and result on every specific project.”



We often hold brainstorming sessions on new themes and goals. The ultimate goal is to bring the greated result for clients, support them to connect their brand with the target market.


Our professionalism is shown in giving solutions, kicking off and checking result. This allows our clients to save time, cost, and engage with the target consumers with the best outcome.


We are focused on achieving the best effective solutions, which includes offering the highest value possible for clients’ brands. So, we are dedicated to supplying the most effective resources and services for each project..