Every lunar new year days, Pepsico sign contract with outlets in Horeca channel to display pepsi product in mass and impressive blocks. The display audit is carried-out by an independent party.

Vimar is offered to perform this display audit through-out Pepsico’s client of nearly ten thousand outlets this year, from November 2013.



FA practice their conversation to briefly describe the job and make the display audit friendly and co-operative with outlet owners. So, all the step then come so naturally that the outlet owners don’t feel like wasting time. Whether FA are welcomed to perform their Display Audit is the key point to access into their successful job.


FA được thực hành cách giao tiếp để mô tả ngắn gọn công việc và thực hiện ghi nhận và hợp tác tốt với chủ cửa hàng. Vì thế, Tất cả các bước sẽ diễn ra dễ dàng và chủ cửa hàng sẽ không cảm thấy phí thời gian. Với việc FA được chào đón để thực hiện ghi nhận là điều thiết yếu dẫn đến sự thành công của họ.


Access software are written to every specific project of display audit, used just for one time.

Admin Team help to check out the result from FA, then inputting the data result into access software. 100% data checking after inputting will then take place as the last step of inputting proccess.

Random QC on field and selective QC for Drop-out outlets will conclude the final result for every outlet before we report data to our Client.

At the end of each phase the final report with all hard and soft copy are delivered to our client only two days after the last day on field.


At Vimar, we deliver the display audit package to our client with no doubting result, including Daily and total report, soft picture & hard records, eventually some tips of correction & updated outlets’ address for their further program to our client’s client.